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The Central Ventura County Fire Safe Council (CVCFSC) has a nine-member Board of Directors and a growing Advisory Board which brings a deep and comprehensive understanding of wildfire mitigation, resources, mapping, local legislators, and content expertise. In January 2020, the Board completed its second 3-year Strategic Plan and as part of the strategic planning process, the Board voted to change our organization name to the “Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council” to more fully reflect the broad, countywide scope of our programs and services, which impact all of Ventura County.

The CVCFSC works to ensure that our local communities are fire resilient and better prepared to withstand wildfire through the following programs:

  • Home Ignition Zone Assessment Workshops to educate homeowners and others on making their homes and property as safe as possible in the event of a wildfire.
  • Fuel Break Programs & Chipper Days remove unwanted vegetation to reduce flammable fuel in communities adjacent to the wildland-urban interface.
  • Starting December 2020, the CVCFSC will oversee the development of the Ventura County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, which will identify and clarify priorities for the protection of life, property, and critical infrastructure and create a planning process for eight cities and communities to develop their own individualized and localized CWPPs.
  • Incident Safety Awareness 8-hour Course for Hired Vendors is for hired vendors who contract with CAL-Fire during a wildfire incident.
  • Ranch Plan Program equips firefighters with vital information about ranches and farms (map, water sources, utilities, etc.) all essential during a wildfire.
  • Community education program and presentations on fire safety, home hardening, the Ready-Set-Go program, homeowners’ insurance, etc.
  • Support development of a Prescribed Burn Association in Ventura County together with key local and regional partners.

Our mission is to reduce the threat of wildfire to farms, ranches, urban neighborhoods, and infrastructure, through an aggressive program of action, education, and collaboration.

Recent Updates

  • The South Fork Evacuation Clearance Project was completed in July of 2020. Just 6 weeks later this clearance was unfortunately utilized when the South Fork residents were evacuated due to the SQF Complex Fire.
  • The Community Risk Assessment and CWPP process will launch in January 2021
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