County of Orange

Area Safety Taskforce


While not a formal Fire Safe Council, the County of Orange Area of Safety Taskforce (COAST) is a collaboration of nearly three dozen public agencies, municipalities, landowners, land managers, and other organizations directly affected by wildland fire in Orange County. The working group was convened seven years ago by the Orange County Fire Authority, consistent with the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy. Our common thread is the urgent imperative to reduce the frequency, spread, and impact of wildfires in our community.

COAST accomplishments include the designation by NOAA/NWS of a new dedicated Coastal weather zone for Orange County, the installation of a high-speed wireless network of fire cameras and weather stations, deployment and expansion of a community Fire Watch Network, and the adoption of a comprehensive Community Wildfire Prevention Plan to advance the broader fire prevention agenda in the region.

Our mission is to work together and share solutions to reduce the impacts of fire on our wildlands and communities.

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