Sand Canyon Community FSC

Local FSC


Located in the City of Santa Clarita, the Sand Canyon Community is part of Los Angeles County, but not in a completely isolated rural area. Considered a "special standards district" containing rural ranches with many horses and other livestock located on 1 - 2 acres to several hundred-acre properties, Sand Canyon Community is in a serious "Wild Fire Zone" located in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest. In 2007, due to serious difficulties with evacuations of large animals, then Fire Chief Matt Gil, suggested the city become a Fire Safe Council. J. Lopez (LACOFD) Forestry Division as Deputy Forester, Fire Plan Unit, Prevention Unit, assisted along the way. He retired in 2020 but currently remains on the board of the CA FSC. One of our Board members is a retired Pasadena CA Fire Captain and he Chairs our FSC. We have 40 active FSC members with 40 GMRS Radios so we have contact within our neighborhood during fire events in spite of many planned power outages.

Our mission is all risk preparedness for individual and community self-reliance during emergencies.

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