2021 PG&E Wildfire Ready and Resilient Grant Opportunity

2021 PGE Utility Grant Opportunity-Award Announcement

Five projects were selected as recipients of the 2021 PG&E Utility Grant. These projects support capacity building, community outreach/preparedness, and hazardous fuel treatments in the regions served by PG&E. Congratulations to our grantees!

  • El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
  • Fire Safe Sonoma Inc.
  • Lassen Fire Safe Council, Inc.
  • San Luis Obispo County Community Fire Safe Council, Inc.
  • Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council

Click here to view the grant report and learn more about the selected projects.

Grant Announcement

The California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) is pleased to partner with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to provide $500,000 in funding to distribute to counties within PG&E’s service territory. The goal is to improve community hardening with coordinated communications and capacity-building. This program will focus on developing the operational coordination and capacity of the many local and regional wildfire community hardening efforts.  Capacity-building will focus on evacuation planning, home hardening, and community fire buffers. 

Funding Available: Five counties will be awarded $100,000 for a 14-month grant term. 

Eligibility: Project must be located within the PG&E Service Area

To Apply:  Applications open August 10th, 2021. Visit the Apply for a Grant webpage and select “2021 PGE Wildfire Ready and Resilient Grant Opportunity” grant program to begin.


August 10, 2021 Accepting applications
August 11, 2021 Online grant workshop
September 8, 2021 Applications due by 11:59PM PST
September/October 2021 Award announcement
October 1 – December 31, 2022 Project performance period

Grant Webinar:

August 11th, 2021 Webinar Recording

Grant Webinar Slide Deck

Resources & Materials

Grant Application Handbook

PG&E Service Area Map

PG&E Service Area Arc GIS online viewer

August 11, 2021 Grant Application Webinar Slide Deck (Coming Soon)

August 11, 2021 Grant Application Webinar Recording (Coming Soon)

For questions about the grant program or application process, please contact Staff Grant Specialist Thomas Shumaker at tshumaker@cafiresafecouncil.org or (505) 918-3920


To learn more about the California Fire Safe Council and our work to become California’s leader in community wildfire risk reduction and resiliency, please visit staging.cafiresafecouncil.org/AboutUs and review our Annual Grant Reports at staging.cafiresafecouncil.org/AnnualReports.

For more information on Fire Safe Councils in your area or how to start a local fire safe council, please visit staging.cafiresafecouncil.org/resources. 


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