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Regional Coordinator April 2021

Job Description:

The Regional Coordinator reports directly to and works closely with the Executive Director, and under the general direction of a Capacity Building Programs Manager, to develop, implement, and sustain an effective statewide network of fire resilience leaders. This peer-learning network will support and advance planning, organizational capacity building, and partnerships to implement high-impact projects and initiatives to enhance resilience in priority watersheds across the state of California. The strategic and project planning, as well as the initial funding, is structured on a three-year, phased-in approach, utilizing lessons learned and implementing best practices in the most cost-effective and timely manner. These positions will serve as a leader and liaison to gather and disseminate resilience approaches and lessons and strengthen collaborative partnerships inter and intra-regionally.

The Regional Coordinator shall reside within the Region they are assigned to.  Their work location can be their residence or a suitable alternate location with telework capability.   They will also be subject to working from the Sacramento office five days a month as need per the Telework/Work Location policy.

The work location can be at an assigned remote workspace (home with telework capability). This position should have a working knowledge of all other positions to provide support as needed.


  • Provide stewardship and networking/liaising to coalesce and sustain a statewide network that strengthens wildfire resilience in California through outreach, preparedness and planning, funding opportunities, and collaboration to advance fire adaptation
  • Comprehend and effectively communicate about wildfire-related issues with local and governmental organizations and community members in their region, particularly in identified underserved, vulnerable areas of the State. Respond to public and community inquiries as appropriate
  • Establish partnerships, peer connections, and regional networks to provide and disseminate best practices, lessons learned, innovations, resources, etc. among the myriad of state, federal, and local fire protection entities, associations, conservancies, and programs with a common vision and goals resulting in communities able to live safely with wildfire
  • Facilitate, organize, or participate in outreach activities to educate people about fire prevention, hardened homes, ember intrusion, fire exposure, defensible space, and other resiliency-related activities and projects. Work with the Outreach and Capacity Building Team to maintain a unified and consistent message
  • Actively participate in learning experiences (webinars, college-level classes/courses, industry-related certification) as available to maintain proficiency as subject matter experts in wildfire mitigation procedures, theories, and disaster preparedness. Share information with other members of the Outreach and Capacity Building Team
  • Work with the Outreach and Capacity Building Team to provide public education materials, public events, content on media forums (including webinars), individual and group meetings, emails, newsletters, and telephone calls to foster, network and build relationships that support continuous mitigation efforts against the threats of wildfire
  • Collaborate and communicate with Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program (RFFC) Program Partner, the Watershed Research and Training Center on RFFC implementation and with the national Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network on network design/development.
  • Attend Forest Management Task Force meetings as appropriate
  • Organize and participate in community outreach activities to educate the community about fire-hardened homes, ember intrusion, fire exposure, defensible space, and other fire-safety, prevention, or resiliency activities and projects
  • Respond to public and community inquiries and brief the CFSC Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors on matters of public interest and concern California Fire Safe Council
  • Oversee the maintenance of a community database of FSCs, interested parties, and issues
  • Collaborate and communicate with program funding partners as appropriate. Contribute data as requested for reports for those partners and assist in achieving common program goals
  • As a team member, hire, train and mentor county coordinators, students, interns, volunteers and fellows as contracted
  • Brief the CFSC Executive Director on matters of public interest and concern to the California Fire Safe Council
  • Oversee the design, implementation and maintenance of an appropriate location or program for known data about FSCs, RCDs, interested parties, communities and issues. Disseminate consistently with CFSC policies
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding organizational and sub-grantee activities per CFSC Policy
  • Perform other duties as assigned, including but not limited to:
    • Research and specify technology to enable RCs to work effectively, including hardware and software, network and AV equipment
    • Design and facilitate wildfire mitigation and technology-related training for employees, contractors and other people both inside and external to the CFSC
    • Track all contacts in a CRM (customer relations management) package or another option such as a spreadsheet, keeping this up-to-date and available to other CFSC employees and managers
    • Plan, shoot or build, edit and complete short videos about fire mitigation or the mission of the CFSC; post to appropriate media platforms and use for training as needed
    • Write articles for professional channels or journals, blog posts, etc., related to fire mitigation or the mission of the CFSC
    • Design swag and other publicity items for grantees and separately for CFSC staff
    • Develop a physical pocket guide for wildfire, especially evacuation procedures
    • Plan awards, certificates, e-badges or recognition for FSCs as appropriate
    • Analyze and present data from social media analytics, outreach data and other pertinent sources to present to managers, the Board of Directors and partner organizations
    • Promote CA FSC success stories
    • Assist in evaluating grant applications as appropriate
    • Assist with budgeting as appropriate
    • Consistently view and interact with CFSC web page and social media streams/posts to spot errors, omissions, leftovers and other details, to facilitate the professional appearance CFSC wants and needs; work as a team to design changes and overhauls
    • Assist FSCs with successful completion of grant projects as appropriate
    • Update FSC handbooks and brochures, both for physical production and for digitally distributed versions


  • One or more years of experience working actively with a local or countywide Fire Safe Council
  • Experience and/or education in biology, ecology, natural resource management, forestry, parks management, fire management or related field
  • Experience in the development, formulation, or coordination of programs, policies and procedures, special grant programs, and/or contracts
  • Coordination of learning events, training programs, or gatherings of practitioners
  • Strong working knowledge of hardened homes, defensible space, and hazardous fuel reduction
  • Excellent facilitation, leadership, and community organizing skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in mentoring/coaching across a diverse and broad spectrum of individuals, groups, and organizations
  • Understanding of basic issues and talking points regarding community wildfire preparedness, or the ability to quickly integrate the same
  • Knowledge of media, communications, social media, online networking, community organizing and volunteer coordination, governmental structures, agencies and policies, the diverse population and cultures of the state, workshop and training methods, techniques and tools
  • Understanding of the benefits of prevention and outreach efforts and their effectiveness in educating the public-at-large
  • Ability to handle changing priorities, multi-task, and problem solvability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with CFSC staff and Board of Directors, local Fire Safe Councils, grantees, funding agencies, and other organizations
  • Communications and consensus building among all the stakeholders
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to work without close supervision and meet deadlines
  • A strong personal connection and commitment to the mission and goals of CFSC
  • Team building and staff management/support
  • Experience working with a geographically dispersed workforce that teleworks
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills that demonstrate an ability to work productively with a variety of people and groups with varying interests
  • Creative and innovative techniques for performing assignments
  • Must be available for out-of-town monitoring visits, meetings, and other events. Evening and weekend work required on occasion
  • Knowledge of and experience with California’s issues surrounding wildfire

California Fire Safe Council complies with federal and state disability laws and makes reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities unless such accommodation would cause an undue hardship. If reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in the job application or interview process, to perform essential job functions, and/or to receive other benefits and privileges of employment.

To Apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter careers@staging.cafiresafecouncil.org. For more information: https://staging.cafiresafecouncil.org/about-us/careers/.


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