Lara Popyack

Communications & Outreach Coordinator lpopyack@staging.cafiresafecouncil.org (415) 713-5272

  • Staff

Lara Popyack is the Communications and Outreach Coordinator and comes to the CFSC with more than 20 years of film, television, and digital media experience. With a background in storytelling, Lara has worked on a wide variety of projects from National Geographic and Spanish Television to Make-A-Wish and World Central Kitchen. Most recently Lara worked with firefighters on creating content for behavioral health in the fire service and active shooter drills and training for responding agencies. She was also the producer of the award-winning, multi-lingual campaign for Firefighters on Your Side video series from California Fire Foundation. She believes her work at CFSC is critical to reach the under-resourced communities to educate, and inspire change for wildfire mitigation, and prevention.

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