Lillian Liang

Lillian is a Climate Action Corps AmeriCorps Fellow focusing on Programs & Outreach in the Northern Region. Before coming to CFSC, Lillian explored engineering for a sustainable world through building energy auditing and renewable energy feasibility analysis, and she worked in the semiconductor test industry. She is inspired to transition her career to focus on environmental equity and local climate action in urban planning. At CFSC, she’s excited to learn from and about Northern Californian communities vulnerable to wildfire and support inclusive and equitable outreach efforts in the region. Lillian studied general engineering and literature at Harvey Mudd College.  

Her number one wildfire preparedness tip (as someone who doesn’t live in the WUI) is to acquire N95 masks before fire season to protect lungs from smoke and to practice community care; she has engaged in mutual aid efforts to distribute masks in her community during fire season & the COVID pandemic. 

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